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The 6 Stages of Being a Dog Mom
The life of a dog mom isn't all sunshine and rainbows. But it's certainly worth it!
April 1, 2021
The 6 Stages of Being a Dog Mom

The life of a dog mom isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. But it’s certainly worth it!

1. The Preparation

You’ve got this.

The Voice / via GIPHY: NBC

You’ve spent hours looking at puppy pictures and researching whether or not you’re ready to meet all their needs. It’s a big responsibility! But you’re sure of this: you are ready.
Of course you buy a food and water bowl, food, a cute collar, a leash, an extra leash, a ball (you cannot wait to play fetch!) … and half a dozen other toys. 
This is going to be so much fun!
Maybe just one more toy…

2. The Adoption

Is this real life?!

The Bachelor / via GIPHY: The Bachelor

You’re looking… and looking… and, oh, who’s that?
It will, undoubtedly, be love at first sight. 
Look at that sweet face! Those paws! And the way they wag their tail?!
You’ll play together a bit and it will confirm: this is the one. 
This sweet puppy is yours and you are a new dog mom!
All of that cuteness gets to come home with you and you keep wondering if this is real life.

3. The Awe


Love Actually / via GIPHY

You’re going to take a million pictures during this time. You’ll probably make post after post on social media, because who doesn’t love puppy pictures?
Every. Single. Thing. Your pup does is unbelievably cute and sweet. 
That yawn?! That stretch?! Bliss! 
How exactly does anyone expect you to do anything other than obsess over your dog right now?
This is True Love and you cannot get enough.

4. The (maybe a little…) Awful

Oh no. What have you done?

Bachelor in Paradise / via GIPHY: Bachelor in Paradise

Okay… so you still love your puppy but… you just wish… Well, frankly, you wish they wouldn’t bite so hard – especially with those razor-sharp puppy teeth! 
And for the love of all that is holy, when will they stop peeing in the house?? 
Did they just eat poop?!?!
Between the training and the messes, you’re a bit overwhelmed. They don’t even know how to play fetch!
That face is SO sweet… but you’re wondering if this was a trap.
Oh look, they’re cuddling you now… *melts*. 

Worth it. Definitely worth it.

5. The Acceptance

This isn’t so bad.

Oprah / via GIPHY

Like the stages of any major life change, acceptance is an important stage. 
This is the stage where you accept and love your dog for exactly who they are
Seems like a fair trade. After all, they love YOU for exactly who you are. 
Sure they wake you up at 6 a.m. (even on Saturdays), but they’ve stopped peeing in the house! Besides, there is nothing more rewarding than coming home to someone who is endlessly excited to see you. 
This is an unconditional acceptance of the responsibility and privilege that come with spending your days with a canine companion.

6. The Awe, Again

Your dog is a perfect angel and nobody can convince you otherwise.

That 70s Show / via GIPHY: Laff

This is, very likely, the stage in which you return to taking a million pictures of every little thing your dog does – because they are the cutest
You evolve into your ultimate Dog Mom form: having a million nicknames, spoiling them with treats and toys, begging them to let you rub their belly, and generally obsessing over this amazing creature that you’re lucky enough to call your fur baby. 
Because they’re the sweetest, isn’t that right?


… Wait… should you… get another dog?


Wouldn’t that just be the sweetest?! 

Is this Stage 7??

CONAN / via GIPHY: Team Coco

Happy early Mother’s Day – to ALL you moms out there!

Whether you’re parenting a human child or a fur child – thanks for all that you do ?

-Apple Pie Painting



April 29th is National Pet Parents Day and Mother’s Day is May 10th –
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