Custom Paint-by-Number Kits

Fun and Easy Personalized Pet Portraits for All Ages

Are you ready to turn your happiest and furriest memories into gallery-worthy artwork? Whether you’re a skilled artist or a complete beginner, you’ll love how easy it is to create an incredible pet portrait painting that looks gorgeous in your home or office.

Each paint-by-number template is labeled with small numbers to show you which paint color goes where, with precise outlines so you can paint with perfection. This means you can create an impressive masterpiece, no matter your age or skill level. Your custom paint-by-number kit includes:

– Gallery-grade canvas with your pet’s paint-ready hand-drawn portrait

– High-quality acrylic paints in every color you need

– Professional paint brushes

It’s Easy as Pie!

Step 1

Choose Your Size

Size really does matter! Choose the space where you want to hang your painting, decide which of our three sizes you need, and check out.

Step 2

Upload Your Pet Photo

Choose the background color and pick your favorite pet photo. Our artists will begin creating your personalized pet portrait ASAP.

Step 3

Get Your Kit Delivered

Receive, paint, and display your adorable furry friend to family, coworkers, any one who will listen!

Get a Round of Appaws When You Gift Our Paint-by-Number Kits to Your Friends and Family

Looking for the best gifts for pet lovers? Our custom pet portrait paintings make excellent gifts for dog moms, cat dads, and everyone else in between.

Not only will you give the special people in your life a unique experience with their furry family member, you can do it all from your couch! Just customize a paint-by-numbers kit with your favorite picture of your friend’s or family member’s pet, and Apple Pie Painting will carefully deliver a personalized paint-by-number kit right to their door.

Can’t decide which pic of their pet is best? Purchase a gift card, so they can customize a paint-by-number kit themselves!

Paint-by-Number Kits Customized With You In Mind

Our personalized pet portraits are designed by a small team in Kansas City. We are passionate about providing our customers with fun and easy paint-by-number kits that create lasting memories.

Get the answers to your questions about our personalized paint-by-number pet portrait kits by emailing us at [email protected] or sending us a message online!