What it Means to Love a Pet

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner we’ve been thinking a lot about LOVE.
Love in all its forms.

Of course, there’s romantic love.

But there are so many other types of love that help to make our lives fuller.

There’s the love we have for our parents, siblings, and children. There’s the love we have for our friends. 

And somewhere in the realm of family and friends sit our pets.
Of course every fur baby is different, and they don’t all even have fur!  

However, there are some things that simply ring true for people who have loved or do love a pet. 

Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

Loving an animal, and being loved in return by that animal, is a privilege. 


What loving your pet really means is…

Tail wags, boops, headbutts, or nuzzles.
Even small bites.

Photo by Jonas Vincent on Unsplash

It means fur. 
Fur everywhere.
E V E R Y W H E R E.

It means that some people just won’t get it.
But those who do, really do.

It means companionship.
Wet noses and greetings at the door.
Happy purring.

It means waking up, going on walks, or doing extra chores when you really don’t want to… 
But putting that sweet animal’s needs above your temporary wants.
Learning compassion, responsibility, and patience.

It means having someone to talk to who generally understands none of what you’re saying…
But somehow knows exactly what you mean.
Always without judgement.

Sometimes it means a helping hand.. Or paw.
Maybe therapy.
Even protection and safety.

It means puppy eyes, slow blinks, singing, feather shaking… 
“I love you”s spoken without a word.

Photo by Thierry Lemaitre on Unsplash

It means poop. 
But… oh well.

It can mean a sense of purpose.
Even validation. 
After all, someone is that happy to see you!

It means silliness and laughter.
They’re so weird and it’s great.

It means empathy.
Being needed.
And stepping up.

It means knowing that, most likely, you’re going to outlive a creature you love.
Having to say goodbye before you’re ready.
But choosing love anyway.

It means a bigger understanding of what is family.
Unconditional love. 
And goodness.

Photo by Valerie Elash on Unsplash

Loving a pet means way more than what we can put into a few hundred words. But we tried. Every pet and every human is going to be different. Unique.

Please, let us know what loving a pet means TO YOU. 

Wishing you all lots of love,
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