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Avoid The 7 Deadly Sins When Planning a Bachelorette Party In Kansas City
Every Bride Needs A Co-Pilot, Are You Game? Written by: Joey Kramer & April Kramer  Revised January 11th, 2018 OMG! Your BFF is getting married! What a lucky gal! Best of all, she asked you to stand by her side as she goes through one of the biggest changes in her life. How exciting! Now you are tasked […]
September 22, 2019
Avoid The 7 Deadly Sins When Planning a Bachelorette Party In Kansas City

Every Bride Needs A Co-Pilot, Are You Game?

Written by: Joey Kramer & April Kramer

 Revised January 11th, 2018

OMG! Your BFF is getting married! What a lucky gal! Best of all, she asked you to stand by her side as she goes through one of the biggest changes in her life. How exciting! Now you are tasked with planning the ultimate Bachelorette party!  


So now your starting to think of all the many fun things you could do, as you begin to assess the when, where and how this will all take place. At this point, your mind is probably racing with excitement, and a little fear…

Stop now before wasting a bunch of energy on ideas that just won’t work! Relax, and take a deep breathe, and then exhale… Don’t worry about this, we’ve got your back! However, before you start your planning, do yourself a huge favor, and check out the research we’ve already done for you, in order to get you headed in the right direction.

Within this article is the success manual that we’ve compiled, just for you. We researched the do’s and don’ts, and now have published the ultimate guide that you must read, in order to avoid the 7 most common things NOT to do when making plans for the Bachelorette Bash! Because honestly, nobody wants to be remembered for throwing a terrible marriage launch party, that in turn, sets the bride to be off on an awkward and precarious path to her future life with her Mr. Right…  

7. DO NOT get gaudy party accessories if the Bride doesn’t want them. In addition, don’t force her or the guests to wear anything they don’t want to wear, regardless of the theme. There is nothing more disheartening than spending all day being excited by fixing up your hair, buying a new outfit, and nailing your makeup, only to show up to the party, and being forced to wear some stupid hat that flattens out your hair, or worse, some obnoxious t-shirt that totally doesn’t go with that killer dress the bride just spent a ton of money on just to look amazing for this night. 

6. DO NOT plan a party that is way out of budget for most of the guest list. If the Bride wants all 45 cousins, 27 BFF’s and 15 aunts to be invited, then most likely not all of them can afford a weekend in Vegas, or a get away to the beach. You also might run into the fact that not everyone is of appropriate age for the festivities that may take place throughout the night… If there will be a variety of age ranges attending the festivities in your group, then try an activity that works for everyone like a painting party at someone’s house or neighborhood clubhouse. If the Bride really wants to go out and toss down some drinks, then go out later, and allow everyone the opportunity to be included in the fun too! After all, it’s not all about her, LOL!!!

5. DO NOT wait until the last minute to plan your party! You obviously want everyone to be readily available for this epic launch party; including the vendors you choose to hire. Ideally, when planning a Bachelorette party, give at least 4-6 weeks advance notice in order to give everyone plenty of time to make any necessary arrangements for travel, children, or whatever is going on in their busy lives. The last thing you want is for the Bride to be disappointed that she wasn’t able to spend quality time with her friends that matter the most.

4. DO NOT do whatever YOU like. This event should be tailored to the Bride, and for the Bride. So with that being said, if she is a low-key kind of lady, then do not take her to a packed club, grinding elbow to elbow with a bunch of meat heads! In the same respect, if she is a lady that likes to take some shots and dance her way onto the bar, then you go be her best “spotter” ever, and get her seen, and in the spot light! In addition, if she loves to sing, then brush up on some great gal pal hits, and stand next to her while you belt out drunken renditions of “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” at the local karaoke bar! Remember, this is all about her, not you!

3. DO NOT just send out a Facebook event invite and then forget about it! So many times we get notifications for events, and sometimes they are missed in the hustle of our day to day lives. Once you send out the invites, stay engaged! Post about the event you have planned, or the party bus you’ve rented! Get people excited, and engaged for the night! This is also a great time to let everyone know if there will be a dress code, or if they need to register and pay in advance for your activity, and any other pertinent details about the fun night ahead. Keeping your invitees engaged in the event will keep it in the fore-front of their minds and build excitement! Try using an Eventbrite link, or another party registration platform to really engage your party guests, in order to get the best results for attendance.

2. DO NOT invite anyone that the Bride is not friends with. This is an event for her closest friends and family, and not everyone that is invited to the wedding will necessarily be the people she chooses to hang with on her “Last Fling Before The Ring” night. Ask her to do a guest list brainstorm with you over happy hour or a Sunday brunch of Mimosas. This will allow her to discuss what she expects, and who is going to be the right fit for her perfect night.

1. DO NOT make the Bride plan everything! She may be a control freak, but you are throwing this for her in her honor. Make sure she is getting what she wants, as she already has enough planning to do with her upcoming nuptials. Planning the additional Bachelorette party herself could set her into “Bridezilla” mode at any moment, and we all know, that this moment can be triggered and set off by any number of things… Reassure her that the night is all hers, and set her mind at ease by asking her what she does or doesn’t want to do. Her enjoyment is the end goal here. Just be unselfish, and give it all to her! Your day will come sooner than you know!

Regardless, she’s gonna love all the hard work you put into her special outing. Remember, it’s her last true opportunity to be a single girl. And believe us when we say, after the crazy shenanigans of the night have ended, she’ll soon realize that she now has to deal with a very large version of a  man-child, that unfortunately is incapable of doing most anything on his own, including his laundry, scheduling events in the family calendar, and expressing thoughtful gestures when needed. She’ll now need every ounce of patience she never new she had, as she’ll be dealing with a man who has no idea what closing the bathroom door means, and will need every second of her love and affection, just to make him feel like his life has meaning. 

So what we’re saying is, she really needs this night, and needs it to go off without any issues, as she has MANY more to deal with in the coming days… 

However, always remember, she couldn’t and wouldn’t want to make this journey in life without you as her co-pilot, so go out there and kill this party! You know you have it in you!

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