6 Unique Events for a Painting Party

Written By: Joey Kramer    March 10th, 2018 

Hosting a painting party is a lot of fun. What better way is there to spend some much needed quality time with friends, family, or coworkers, all while tossing back a few drinks, and letting your creative juices fly. One should never need a reason to have a painting party, as the experience speaks for itself. However, some can find it difficult when making the decision to schedule a party, feeling like it needs to be centered around a special event, not realizing, it’s all about the fun, the memories, and the relationships built upon that really matter.  

Fear not, as we have helped those in need, by compiling a list of the 6 unique reasons to host a painting party this spring or summer. Always remember, there’s never a bad time for a painting party, but the next few months ahead offer a great excuse for those in need of one! So with that being said, let’s not delay, as we reveal the 6 ways to experience a painting party this coming season.1.  Mother’s Day Painting Party – Is there really any other person on earth that would appreciate a painting party more than mom? After all, what better excuse is there to get together with your best girls & your Mom’s, while enjoying some mimosas, margaritas, or sodas, while laughing, and creating memories? Why not schedule a party at home, and enjoy some quality time honoring the most amazing women in your lives!

2.  Tailgate Painting Party -The Royals season is less than a month away, and the parking lot at the K is calling your name. Set up a painting party in the parking lot this season & paint your favorite Royals painting, or even create your own custom sign to take with you into the stadium! Nothing says painting party like food, drinks, fun, and friendship!

3.  Graduation Painting Party – The school year is ending soon, and those in the class of 2018 will be soon preparing for the next stage in their lives. Why not recognize them with a fun and unique party to commemorate the occasion. What better time to gather a group of artistic Seniors and bring them together for laughter and memories, as they graduate into the next phase of their lives.

4.  Family Reunion Painting Party -Spring and Summer are always a time that seem to bring families together. With the kids out of school, families seem to have the time to unite, and share in the memories and reasons that make them family. What better way to bring them all together than with a painting party? Choose a painting from our library for everyone to enjoy, or even paint your family name together! One thing is for certain, the laughter will be abundant, as you share in stories from the past, while creating new ones that will live on into the future. A painting party is great for ages 6-96 & all skill levels, so no worries about people participating, as a painting party is designed for fun, not museums!

5.  Summertime Fun Painting Party – The kids will soon be out of school for the summer, and with that, comes the annual task of finding meaningful activities to keep them occupied for the long 3 months that we as parents all feel, seems to last forever… No worries, as a kids painting party is just the creative activity needed to keep their minds from wandering through the long summer months. Coordinate with your friends and their kids, and bring them all together for a fun weekday activity, designed to inspire!

6.  Bachelorette Parties –  Spring and Summer are the season for love. Weddings are everywhere around us, and with each wedding, comes a bachelorette party. Why not experience a fun painting party as a warm up to the evening’s festivities? Host a party at your house, a hotel room, or even the back room of a bar. The options are limitless, but the memories created will last a lifetime, as you prepare the bride for her big day!

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