Dogs truly are a man’s best friend (and woman’s of course!) From adorable puppyhood to those precious golden ages, every stage of your dog’s life brings joy to pet parents.

As dogs become a family member, it’s essential that they are well-trained. In this article, we’ll explore how important and rewarding it is to have a well-trained dog.

Top 8 benefits of having a well-trained dog

Here are some of the benefits you will enjoy.

  • Well-trained dogs are easy to manage 

Once your furry companion learns the basic and advanced commands, you’ll have better control. When you have guests in your home, you won’t have to keep your dog in a cage. The basic obedience commands train your dog to greet people, stay calm, and behave well in public.

  • Great bonding experience 

Training your dog strengthens the bond between both of you. the more you work with your dog on specific training goals, the more you’ll understand each other.

When you have a well-trained dog, you have a stronger bond with them and get more satisfaction. With a well-behaved, obedient, and responsive dog, your bond with your furry best friend will be stronger.

  • Prevents indoor accidents

If your dog knows how to behave well in the home, particularly around family members like small kids, you can prevent all kinds of indoor accidents. For example, if you train your pup not to be defensive of their food bowl, it’s less likely that he will nip if someone gets too close by mistake. Similarly, if your dog is prone to potty accidents, housebreaking and potty training can prevent unwanted mess on the floor.

  • Well-trained dogs are more friendly and sociable

As your dog learns about respecting boundaries during training, he will learn how to behave in different social situations with other animals and people. So, your furry friend will make everyone more comfortable in these settings.  

  • Safer around other pets and animals 

Dog training makes your dog safe around pets and animals. There will be lower chances of your dog attacking others or getting hit by a car. A simple command like instructing your furry companion to sit when a bigger dog walks past is actually a great benefit.

  • You get better understanding of your dog

With different dog breeds out there, every canine’s behavior can differ depending on their instincts. Training teaches you about your dog’s instincts and gives you a better understanding of your dog.

Training provides your pet with the right temperament and qualities that help you spend time with them. You can better understand your dog’s body language and unique signals to know what they’re trying to communicate.

  • Training makes boarding your dog easier

Your dog must know how to behave well around other people, particularly when you are not around them. It’s a good thing when your fur buddy obeys your commands, but an accomplishment when they also follow the commands of your family and friends. So, when you’re away from home and can’t bring your dog with you, they can easily stay at a boarding facility without an issue. You can be confident that they’ll be a good guest for their host.

  • Proper training protects dogs

The more your furry companion listens to you, the safer they stay when they aren’t on a leash or get away from you accidentally. After all, you don’t want your dog running off into dangerous situations because they might not come back to you when you call them. 

Also, if your pet runs off and is lost without the ID collar, they’ll behave well around others while they are lost. Well trained dogs show good behavior and are friendlier and more likely to approach other people.

How do you tell if your dog is well-trained?

A well-trained dogs are always happy dogs. They respect their owners and know the parameters for behavior, thus making it easier to understand the world. Let’s look at some characteristics of a well-trained dog:

  • Doesn’t jump on people
  • Doesn’t beg at the table
  • Doesn’t trouble guests
  • They listen to basic commands such as sit and stay
  • Doesn’t pull the leash

Final thoughts

A well-trained dog is always a pleasure to have around the house. Their loving, happy, and calm demeanor is usually enough to lighten the mood of anyone having a bad day.


Remember that dog training is an ongoing process. Even after you have a well-trained dog, you may need to refresh his training otherwise he’ll become stale and his responses will get sloppy.