15 Reasons Why Shelter Dogs Are The Best

Are you thinking of adopting a new shelter dog? We all know that seeing and bringing home a dog is always an exciting and sensational time.


You and your family just can’t wait to bring this newest member of the family. There are so many reasons to adopt a dog from a shelter. By adopting a pet, you will transform a homeless animal’s whole world.


We always recommend adopting, due to its endless benefits. If you are still not convinced, read on for incredible reasons why you should always adopt a pet and not buy:


1. You Will Save a Life

It is estimated that each year in the US alone, around one million dogs are euthanized. This is simply because too many dogs come into shelters and fewer people consider adoption. This number of animal euthanizations can be reduced dramatically if more people are inclined toward pet adoption. When you adopt a dog from a shelter, you will save a life by making a loving dog part of your family.


2. You Will Get a Healthy Pet

Animal rescues and shelters are teeming with healthy and happy dogs, waiting for a loving owner to take them home. Most dogs end up in shelters because of human issues like divorces and relocations. Many of these animals are fully house trained and healthy, so they are ideal to move to a new family.


3. Personality Already Known

Dogs can have a wide range of temperaments and personalities. Adopting a shelter dog can help remove the guesswork.  By adopting an adult shelter dog, you can easily see what their personality is like rather than trying to figure out what kind of personality a puppy might eventually have when he grows up. The dog will typically be house trained and you won’t have to deal with the “puppy phase” and all the nipping and chewing that comes with it.


4. Makes Good Financial Sense

When you adopt a dog, the cost of vaccinations, microchipping, and even spaying/neutering is included in the adoption price. All these amounts to a substantial sum of money, and you can save a lot of upfront costs.


5. There’s A Wide Variety Of Dogs To Adopt

You can find any type of dog you want at a shelter, from puppies to seniors, playful dogs, watchdogs, of all sizes and colors. In fact, if you’re looking for a specific breed, such as a toy breed, you can contact shelters and rescue groups to find your new furry friend.


6. They’re Housebroken

Shelter dogs usually know to wait for bathroom breaks to do their business in the right spot. Shelters and rescue groups make it a point to teach animals to be good companions before they are adopted. They’re very likely to have good leash manners and some might know the basic obedience commands. So depending on the dog, you might save a lot on housebreaking and training expenses.


7. You Will Feel Better About Yourself

Dogs give unconditional love to their owners. Owning a dog has many psychological, emotional, and physical benefits. Caring for a shelter dog can provide a sense of purpose and alleviate stress and feelings of loneliness. Also, you will feel great helping a poor dog in need.


8. It’s A Way to Fight Puppy Mills

If you buy a dog from an online or pet store, then you are certainly supporting puppy mills. Dogs from puppy mills are kept in extremely poor conditions with improper housing. This results in a sick puppy both physically and mentally with a lot of behavior issues. And after the breeding dogs are no longer profitable they are simply abandoned or killed.


So by adopting a dog from a shelter, you can be certain you aren’t giving them any of your hard-earned money to puppy mills. At the same time, you’re discouraging them.


9. Makes Other Pets Happy

Bringing home a shelter dog can reduce the sense of loneliness for other pets when you are gone.  If you already have a dog it may take a little adjustment time for the two dogs to get used to each other.


10. Helps Children’s Asthma, Allergy Resistance

Exposure to dogs at an early age has been shown to decrease allergies throughout one’s life. By adopting a dog, kids have a reduced chance of developing allergies later in life.


11. Dogs Are Excellent Senior Companions

Dogs, particularly adult, calmer dogs, can provide loving companionship to seniors. They’re easy to care for, and you can find one at a shelter that matches your lifestyle.


12. Lifetime Resource

When a dog is adopted from a shelter, the pet parent automatically enjoys a lifetime resource of health care guidance and expertise from shelter staff.  This can be really helpful when you’re trying to figure out proper care for the adopted dog.


13. You Will Never Be Alone Again

Shelter dogs make some of the most wonderful companions around. Dogs can ease our loneliness due to their sweet nature and loyal companionship. They will always be there for us even in all circumstances.


14. They’re Very Affectionate

Shelter dog loves and appreciates you more than you know! Once they learn to trust, they start loving you and nothing can come between you and your new furry pal.


15. They’re Easy To Please

Shelter dogs are filled with gratitude when you keep them well. They’ll reciprocate your love and care with utmost loyalty, affection, and tons of sweetness.


Surprising fun fact about shelter dogs who made it big:

It’s surprising to know that a few of the canine movie stars came from shelters.

  • Spike, the star dog of Old Yeller, was adopted from Van Nuys, California shelter for a fee of just $3.
  • The original Benji was adopted from a shelter.
  • Aleister, rescued from an animal shelter in California, starred alongside Steve Carell and Keira Knightley in Seeking a Friend for the End of the World


Final thoughts

So, adopting a shelter dog helps reduce the pet population, saves an animal’s life, and encourages others to adopt dogs from shelters.


There are so many amazing dogs in shelters waiting for a loving and caring home. Regardless of your dog’s prior circumstances, you should be honored that you are part of his life. Think of how much fun you two will have by creating the next memories together!


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