8 Reasons Why Our Paint-by-Number Kits Make the Best Gifts for Pet Lovers

Mother’s Day is around the corner, and you need to secure your spot as her favorite. Well, second favorite, next to her fur-baby. So, what do you get the woman who has it all? One of our custom paint-by-number kits for her pet, of course!

Take a look at these top eight reasons a personalized paint-by-number kit from Apple Pie Painting is the best Mother’s Day gift idea – and what you can do to take it to the next level.

Show Off Her Pet’s Personality

Generic pet paintings and decorations bought from a big box-store are super cute, but they don’t really show off your pup’s true personality. When you order a custom paint-by-number from Apple Pie, you can choose a picture of mom’s dog that displays their character in true color. Find a picture that showcases their individual features, and we’ll send you an incredible Mother’s Day gift!

Pawsitively Perfect: Our paint-by-number kits look especially spectacular displayed on easels. Look for a wooden easel that can easily fit on a table and bring out the vivid paint colors with a fresh bouquet of seasonal flowers.

Customize Our Kits to Fit Mom’s Decor

It’s difficult to find dog decor that isn’t cheap-looking or cheesy. Our custom paint-by-number kits can seamlessly fit into your mom’s decor, because you can customize the background color. Choose from something neutral, or go for something bright. Whichever color you choose, it will look incredible in your mom’s home.

Pawsitively Perfect: Our paint-by-number kits come with three high-quality brushes, but you can let your mom express her creativity even more by purchasing a variety of brushes to present with her gift. She’ll be able to make her masterpiece come alive and use her new brushes on her next custom pet painting or other art project.

They Look Great Anywhere

You can choose three canvas sizes when you order one of our paint-by-number kits, which means your mom can have a custom portrait of her pet anywhere! Pick a smaller size for her office and our largest size for her living room. Just make sure you give us different photos of her pet for each order.

Pawsitively Perfect: The best part about our personalized paint-by-number kits is that they always turn out perfectly. That’s because we include silky smooth acrylic paint in every color you need, to make even the most reluctant painter want to brush up on their skills.

Help Mom Relax – Big Time!

Did you know that just 45 minutes of flexing your creative muscles can dramatically decrease stress in your body? The paint-by-number kits from Apple Pie Painting are an easy way for your mom to melt stress away after a long day at work. She can happily paint a portrait of her favorite furry family member, enjoy a beloved TV show, and sip a glass of vino all at once.

Pawsitively Perfect: Don’t take things too seriously! Make your mom giggle by using a silly picture of her doggo for our custom paint-by-number kit. If you’re unsure about a photo, just give our team a call, and we’ll be happy to help you with your order.

Give Her Something She Can Do With Her Friends

Adult coloring books are boring! Our personalized paint-by-number kits make the best gift ideas for Mother’s Day, because it’s something she can do with her friends, family, and you! While you’re ordering a kit for mom, order one for yourself, too! That way you can get some quality bonding time with her and your pups. Spend an evening together painting your own canvases and bonding over your love for pets.

Pawsitively Perfect: Apple Pie Painting holds special events across Kansas City. Sign you and your mom up for pet painting parties at KC favorites like Bar K or Ten and Two Coffee. Just be sure to sign up as soon as possible, because our special events fill up fast!

Pawsome As New Dog Mom Gifts

New dog moms need exceptional gifts too! Celebrate your mom giving a forever home to a new furry family member with one of our paint-by-number kits. In fact, by getting one of our kits every Mother’s Day, you can see how her pup grows over the years and start a fun tradition!

Pawsitively Perfect: Our personalized pet portraits make excellent gifts for all pet lovers. So, make sure you order a kit for your aunts, grandma, and all the other special women in your life. Don’t forget about Dad on Father’s Day, either!

A Fabulous Fit for the Whole Pack

If your mom is like most pet lovers, she couldn’t stop at just one. Fortunately, you can order a personalized paint-by-number kit that includes up to four dogs, which means you don’t have to make your mom choose her favorite fur baby to paint. There’s more than enough paint included in each kit, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to complete the portraits.

Pawsitively Perfect: The custom paint-by-number kits from Apple Pie Painting make gorgeous wall collages. Order different sizes of canvas, and use various pictures of your mom’s pets for a Mother’s Day surprise gallery wall she’ll never forget.

Create Memories She Can Keep Furever

Losing a pet is never easy, but you can help mom keep their memory alive with one of our paint-by-number kits. Turn a precious photo of a past pet into a treasured piece of art that mom can keep forever.

Pawsitively Perfect: Can’t decide which of our personalized paint-by-number is right for your mom? Just order one of our gift cards, and let her decide for herself. They work for our custom pet portraits and our events, too!

The Best Mother’s Day Gift Idea Can Be Ordered From the Comfort of Your Couch

This Mother’s Day, skip the crowd in the greeting card aisle, and ditch standing in line for fancy chocolates that are gone too quickly. Instead, order the perfect Mother’s Day gift from your phone! Our truly unique dog mom and dad gifts will impress your mom, and you’ll never have to leave the couch. Plus, we can even deliver our paint-by-numbers kit to her front door.

Get started on customizing a kit today, so you can have it in time for Mother’s Day.

Questions about our custom paint-by-number kits? Contact us online or email info@applepiepainting.com, and a member of our team will gladly help you!