As pet owners, our pets mean the world to us and we want to do everything in our power to ensure their safety and well being. One way to do this is by micro chipping them, which involves the insertion of a small implant under their skin bearing their unique ID number. This number can be accessed using a scanner, enabling the pet’s identification and increasing the chances of their safe return if ever they get lost. However, like any other decision, micro chipping has its pros and cons, as discussed below, each weighed against the other to determine if it is worth it in the end.


1. Increased Chance of Finding Lost Pets
Micro chipping your pet may increase the chances of getting them back if they ever get lost. The unique ID number can be scanned at vet clinics, animal shelters or any location with a scanner. The staff can then access the pet’s info and contact the owner if necessary. It is important to note that micro chipping is not a locator device- it does not track your pet’s movements, but it enables anyone who finds your lost pet to identify them and return them to their rightful owner.
2. It’s Affordable and Safe
Micro chipping is generally affordable, costing anywhere between $25 to $75 depending on your chosen location. In terms of safety, reputable veterinarians and organizations ensure the products they use are medically tested and safe for animals. The procedure itself is non-invasive, much like administering a vaccine and is done quickly under local anesthesia.
3. Pet Medical History Can Be Accessed
If a pet is found injured or ill, and cannot be identified, it is difficult or nearly impossible for a veterinarian to treat them. By having your pet’s microchip, the veterinarian can immediately identify the animal and access their medical history. This allows for the proper treatment to be administered immediately, and prevents the risk of administering the wrong medication or accidentally removing an essential organ or tissue due to lack of information.


1. The Implantation Procedure
For some pet owners, the implantation procedure itself could be a significant barrier to making the decision to microchip. Though we previously mentioned that the process is safe and relatively non-invasive- it can be uncomfortable for the pet, similar to how a human feels after being vaccinated, and depending on the veterinarian, topical anesthetics may or may not be used. 
2. Annual Fees 
The ID number attached to your pet’s microchip must be registered to your information in a database maintained by a company that specializes in such registrations. This involves an annual fee, often ranging from $10 to $50 annually. Though the fee may not be significant, ongoing fees may become costly over time.
3. False Sense of Security 
It must be noted that micro chipping in itself does not significantly increase your pet’s chance of being found if they suddenly become lost or if they’re stolen. A microchip simply provides the identification that can be used in helping identify a pet; there is no guarantee of recovery.


So, Is it Worth Micro Chipping Your Pet In The End? 
In discussing the pros and cons of microchipping your pet, it is clear that it presents significant benefits; increasing the chance of finding lost pets, the relative affordability, access to easier medical history- vastly outweigh the few disadvantages such as discomfort and potential annual fees. 


The process is generally affordable, safe and easy, making it a worthy investment for every pet owner and a recommended safety precaution for all animals- especially those prone to wandering, like cats and dogs. In conclusion, we recommend micro chipping, but urge pet owners to do their due diligence and research their ideal location and veterinarians before making the decision as this will ensure maximum comfort for your pet during the process, whilst reducing the risk of additional costs such as high registration fees or misregistration of their data.

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