Our pets are like family-members, they are our best friends, and having a beautiful portrait of them is a great way to have a lasting memory of your shared bond!

Our collective of amazingly talented artists, our here to create some amazing portraits of your pets. While we would love to see you paint a portrait of your own pet, we love painting them too! Our artists each have their own amazing styles to turn your pet’s photo into a masterpiece you will love! They are technically trained, and have sold works before on a professional level.

Please look through each artists online gallery (coming soon), and find one that fits your style! Each person’s special painting is unique. We can help guide you once we know some more information. So, fill out this form, and tell us what type of pet portrait you have in mind. It can be one of your beloved kitty from childhood, or of the 15 puppies you helped rescue last month! We can do small mini sizes from 3″x3″ up to very large pieces. Each project will be different, and that’s why we love being artists! So give us as much as you can of your vision, and let’s work together to create something supremely memorable for you or someone you love!

Share your vision and upload your photo. You will receive a response within 24 hours, most of the time, its less than that.

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