How to Make This Summer Unforgettable

No matter whether or not summer means a break for you, let’s all resolve to make the most of the beautiful weather and long days. We’re making a summer bucket list, and we encourage you to do the same! Now we aren’t telling you exactly what needs to be on this list, but here are some ideas that make a good place to start. Try to pick, or think up, at least one thing from each category and make this summer one to remember.

Get Out and Play

This weather won’t last and summer will be gone in a flash. Make it a goal to get out and take advantage of being outside.

  • Swim in a pool, pond, lake, or waterpark; just don’t forget sunscreen!
  • Hike or simply go for a casual walk, hopefully with a friend or two.
  • Ride a bike around your neighborhood, or try renting one in the city to see it from a new angle.


Spending so much time outside, seeing the beauty of the season, can be inspiring. Grab hold of that inspiration and   m a k e   something!

  • Paint or draw. It can be something from your imagination, what’s in front of you, or from a tutorial.
  • Any sort of craft: repurposing an old pair of jeans, making jewelry, or painting empty bottles to make a new vase.
  • Tie-dye an old, or new, tshirt. It’ll be one-of-a-kind!
Two hands against a bright yellow background, the hands are covered in blue, green, and red paint.

Be Brave

Now, we believe this is something you should try to do as often as possible. But this summer we challenge you to do something just for yourself and take a chance on a dream. 

  • Write that blog. You can do it!
  • Share your photography or art. It’s beautiful. It’s yours.
  • Pursue the side hustle you’ve always wanted to try. Who knows what it could grow into?
A woman wearing a hat is holding a camera to her eye, ready to take a photo. She is standing in a field of tall, bright yellow sunflowers.

Do Some Good

Volunteer, for people or animals. You’ll put good out into the world and we always need more of that.

  • Donate to a charity, or more than one! Not sure where to start? Try here.
  • Make cards for people in nursing homes. Better yet? Visit people in nursing homes.
  • Spend a Saturday helping out at an animal shelter. Maybe even bring home a new furry family member.
A very happy looking brown-speckled dog wearing an orange bow around its neck is being pet, through the fence at a shelter. Another dog is in the background, standing and happy with black fur and a red bow.

Try a New Thing

It may end up being a new favorite. …Or it could be awful, but even then you’ll walk away with a good story to share!

  • A type of food or a restaurant.
  • Attend an event you wouldn’t usually choose. It could be a jazz performance, improv show, or musical. Have fun with it.
  • An activity. Maybe rock wall climbing, gardening, or skydiving.
Two hands are in frame, planting a succulent in a small terracotta pot. There is some extra dirt and soil, as well as other potted cacti, in the background.

Learn Something

The possibilities are nearly endless, as are the methods. Online classes, apps, in-person lessons; do whatever fits best with your goals and lifestyle. 

  • A language. It doesn’t matter which you choose, just try!
  • A recipe, especially something challenging and delicious.
  • A skill you’ve always wished you had, like photography or coding.
Someone is holding their hand over a bowl sprinkling salt into the bowl, which is filled with other spices, herbs, garlic and onion. The bowls is grey ceramic and sitting on a wood surface.

Read More

We could probably all stand to read a least a little bit more. It’s a good way of keeping your mind in tip-top shape, staying connected, or even just having fun getting lost in an invented world.

  • The newspaper, online or the classic print.
  • That book you’ve been putting off. Pick it up and dive in.
  • blog. Even if you only read one post a week, you’ll be amazed at how much you gain over the whole summer.
A wall lined with shelves full of books, from the floor to the ceiling. The bookstore is moody and a little dark, with trendy hanging bulb light fixtures.

No matter what you choose, we hope you have a wonderful, fun, and fulfilling summer.

Apple Pie Painting

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