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The Best Resident Events EVER!

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Each Event Package Includes

All marketing materials you’ll need to get your residents excited.

A custom ordering link for your residents to sign up and submit their photo.

Custom-drawn kits shipped directly to your location in time for your event.

All supplies necessary for your residents to paint their masterpieces.

Cost-Sharing Options for Your Event

(Some properties choose to share the event cost with their residents.  Below are the available options.)


Host an event at NO out-of-pocket cost to your property.

An easy option with no out-of-pocket costs to your property. Keeping the event well within budget.

The provided ordering link will list the price per kit for each resident to select the canvas option of their choice.


Host an event and share the cost with your residents.

Your property pays a pre-determined dollar amount toward each kit purchased by the resident.

The provided ordering link will list the discounted price to the resident when they purchase. Allow your property to choose how much you contribute.

(The balance due will be invoiced the day following the closing date of kit purchases.)


Host an event at NO out-of-pocket cost to your residents.

The BEST option to thank your wonderful pet-loving residents. 

The provided ordering link will have no cost associated for residents.  They simply register at no cost.

(The balance due will be invoiced the day following the closing date of kit purchases.)

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Other Successful Events


Do I need to collect the pet photos?

NO!  We have you completely covered.

We do all the hard work.  You stay focused on creating and enjoying great connections with your residents.

How much time is needed in order to best promote the event?

A minimum of 4 weeks is suggested.

This allows plenty of time to promote and create the most amazing event.

How long prior to the event can residents purchase kits?

10 days prior to the event.

This provides plenty of time to submit their pet photos.

What is the deadline for residents to submit their pet photos?

7 days prior to the event.

This provides plenty of time to prepare each kit and have them delivered to your location.

Is there a minimum number of attendees required?


A minimum of 10 attendees is required for each event.

What supplies will be required for the in-person event?

Each kit comes complete with all supplies necessary to paint the masterpieces.

The event package includes paper towels, table covers, and water cups.  Aprons and tabletop easels are available for rent to make your event top-notch!  Most successful events also have music, snacks, and drinks as a great way to enhance the experience.

How is billing handled for the "shared-cost" or "property pays" options?

The final invoice will be sent 9 days prior to the event.

The invoice must be paid in full prior to shipment of the event kits, unless credit arrangements have been made in advance.

What if the residents have questions during the event regarding their paintings?

All kits include detailed instructions with simplicity in mind.

A series of videos are also available to help your event Get Started.  And “Tips and Tricks” to answer questions, and ensure stunning pet masterpieces.

What Other Communities Are Saying

“Last night’s event was a HUGE success! Everyone is talking about it, and showing off their pet paintings. Thank you for making it all so easy. We will definitely be setting up our next Paint-By-Number Pet Event very soon!”

Dana, Manager, Royale at CityPlace

“What a fun event! All the residents are still talking about it. This event was a perfect fit for those residents that are still social distancing, and some even tuned in virtually. It was a great way to bring everyone together no matter where they were. You made it so simple to set up, and we can’t wait for the next event!”

Angie, Assistant Manager, The Ranch at Prairie Trace