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Cats and Halloween 

Halloween is the time for creepy celebrations and trick-or-treating. It can be a fun holiday to spend with your family and friends. 

On a holiday that is meant to be playfully spooky, we all need to keep the safety of our cats in mind. Halloween can be a truly frightening experience for them. Read on for our remarkable tips on how to have a fun and safe Halloween with your cat.

Why cats are linked with Halloween: myths and legends 

Wondering why many legends and myths connect our feline friends to the Halloween holiday?

Well, many legends have long associated cats with Halloween. Black cats are especially at risk around Halloween. There is a mythological association between cats and witches. It was believed that witches could shape-shift into black cats to escape detection.

Should I let my cat out on Halloween? 

Halloween is among the most dangerous times of the year for cats, especially black cats. Alongside the spooky costumes that could frighten cats, there are some spikes in animal abuse incidents during Halloween.

Unfortunately, there are unstable and heartless people who think it’s clever to harm, torture, or even kill black cats. So, you need to be better prepared to keep your cats safe.

This Halloween season, knowing that your feline friend is safe and happy inside with you is the best treat you can give yourself and your kitty.

Keeping your cat safe at Halloween 

There are many ways that you can make the Halloween holiday delightful rather than frightful for your kitty. Follow these pro tips to help make this year’s Halloween as fun, festive, and safe with your cat as you can!

  • Keep your cat in a safe, quiet room

On Halloween night, it’s best to keep your cats indoors, in a safe, quiet room. Cats might get scared by the doorbell and the sounds or sights of strangers wearing scary costumes. The loud noise of the fireworks might scare them and make them uneasy.

Set them up in a safe room with food, water, a litter box, and their favorite toys. Make sure your cat has a quiet place with a warm comfy bed and blanket.

  • Keep cats away from dangerous foods

Make sure that all Halloween treats are kept out of reach of your kitty. The foods that aren’t safe for your cats during Halloween festivities include cakes, brownies, cookies, pies, beer, and wine. Avoid offering your cat cooked bones as they are likely to splinter. 

And, keep empty wrappers out of reach of your cat too. They make fun crinkly sounds but aren’t good if they’re accidentally eaten. It’s best to store your kids’ Halloween bounty in a place that is inaccessible to your kitty.

  • Update your cat’s microchip

One of the most vital tasks to keep your cat safe is to update her microchip. A microchip is a tiny, safe, and permanent identification device inserted just below the skin of your cat.

You need to update your pet’s microchip information with your current contact number and address. In case your kitty gets lost, microchip information will help you to reunite with your cat.

  • Limit the use of your cat’s costume

Your kitty doesn’t enjoy wearing costumes, even if she’s looking extremely adorable in them! If you must dress your cat up, do so for a short period, just to take a few pictures, and then take their costume off.  Avoid costumes that are too tight and restrict circulation or flatten their whiskers. Never let your costumed cat out of sight as she might be uncomfortable or accidentally get caught up on something. 

  • Safety first when it comes to decorations

Don’t use candles because when it comes to investigating candles, cats are drawn to those dancing, flickering flames. It’s better to use LED candles instead of lighted candles.

Block access to any loose cords or wires. Make sure that the cords are out of reach of your cat and home decorations are secure. Also, the shiny fairy lights are tempting items and can pose a real threat to your kitty. 

Be particularly careful with string, ribbon, and tassels. They can be very dangerous if your kitty swallows them as they can pose choking hazards and block or catch on parts of your cat’s intestines.

Final Thoughts

With a little planning, Halloween can be a fun and safe time for all. The Halloween holiday doesn’t have to be horrifying for your cats. Your cat may prefer being in a quiet room during all the Halloween festivities.

Have you enjoyed reading the article? Do you have any tips for keeping your cat safe and comfortable during Halloween? Let us know in the comments. We would be happy to hear from you!

Go on, spread some holiday happiness! Have a happy Halloween!