Our team is committed to bringing the most unique and fun experience for your large group event! We focus on a more personalized, custom experience, focused on large group painting events, with a diverse group of people of all age ranges and experience levels. Our instructors are technically trained, in order to explain color-mixing techniques, brush and line expertise and other skills to help each person that paints with us feel confident. They also have some of the most dynamic, fun personalities to ensure that everyone at an Apple Pie Painting party has a fun time creating memories and masterpieces! We have a passion for bringing a creative, fun event that anyone, of any skill level will enjoy and look forward to! So take a moment and meet the team!

April Kramer


April’s true passions in life are being a talented artist and successful business woman. She is enjoying the ability to focus on both of them, and finds the challenges to be something she thrives on! Nothing means more to her than her two amazing step-children, and loving, supportive husband.

Joey Kramer


Joey is a driven entrepreneur, and also has a flare for artistic talent. He enjoys being in front of a group, and captivating audiences. Apple Pie Painting is his third start up, and he has put all of his business and artistic passion to this company. He always brings the fun and drive to the event by encouraging each painter to get creative and laugh together.